Jasmine's Baby Toner
Jasmine's Baby Toner
Jasmine's Baby Toner
Jasmine's Baby Toner
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Jasmine's Baby Toner

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Jasmine's Baby is should-be staple in any dry skin cosmetic routine. Lovingly handmade with jasmine petals, lavender, and aloe, this toner is sure to be your new fav.

HOW TO USE: Spray on after washing face day/night, or mist throughout the day if dryness persists. Pair with Silken Kisses Moisturizer for best results.

SHELF LIFE: 2 months

SIZE: 60ml

INGREDIENTS: Jasmine Water, Lavender Water, Lavender Oil & Flower Buds, Jasmine Petals.
* Please check ingredients page for specific breakdown of each ingredients properties and effects!

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