Although skin needs are specific to the person, you can find your general skin type based off of the criteria below. Use the contact form below for specific product recommendations!


Skin is not too tight, not too oily, and is well-balanced throughout the day.
Pores are barely visible, and skin has an overall soft and even texture.
Breakouts are a rare occurrence.


Some areas of skin (usually T-zone) are oily, while others (usually cheeks) are dry.
Breakouts are occasional, and often isolated (not throughout entire face).


Skin has an overall oily and shiny appearance, progressing throughout the day.
Pores tend to be visual and enlarged.
Breakouts are frequent.


Complexion tends to be dull and rough, with occasional fine lines.
Skin can be prone to itchiness, flakiness, and irritations.
Almost never have breakouts.


Skin is easily irritated, especially by fragrances, chemicals, and artificial ingredients.
Often reacts when trying new products and regimens.
May have prior diagnosis of rosacea, eczema, or dermatitis.
Sensitive skin can be Normal, Combination, Oily, or Dry as well!