What Benu Cosmetics is, why we're here, and how we're going to change your skin for the better.

Benu Cosmetics is a small owned skincare and cosmetic line owned by myself, Mena Nwabenu EnuenwosuI am a 20 year-old college student from Chicago, Illinois, and my path to loving my skin has been long, frustrating, heartbreaking, and yet still, rewarding.

Growing up, or just going through adolescence and young adulthood rather, I had extremely problem skin. Highly sensitive, easily scarring, excessively oily, and cystic acne prone. Nothing worked for me because my skin was too sensitive, so it always ended up burning and/or damaging it. Cystic acne was genetic, and painful—physically, and for my self-esteem as well. It hurt, it bled, it scarred, and it always came back. I tried a plethora of cosmetic brands (spent way more money than I needed to) but they always had some ingredient that my skin couldn’t mesh with, and that was usually an ingredient I couldn’t even pronounce. I tried antibiotics; that only worked for as long as I was taking it, but the side effects were to harsh to justify my continuing to take them. Nothing really started taking positive effect until I changed what I was doing myself. Diet, water consumption, and the quality of what I was putting in my body, and most importantlyon my skin

(First two images are before, and the rest are after!)

My mother worked for Clinique for years, so we had a wealth of information and a wealth of product to try. When they didn’t work for either of us, we started crafting our own. We were always the kind of family that believed if we had an issue, whether a cold, a breakout, or even a slight injury, a natural solution should always be considered over a chemical, medicinal, or medication one. My father literally believes tea can fix anything (and he's partially correct, lol). Whatever my mother and I made, whatever we touched, quite literally turned to gold. My life came to a screeching halt when she passed away this past May. I couldn't be happy with myself if I didn't do something for her, and in her memory. I wanted manifest something with purpose and with meaning, and something that we loved to do together. And with that, I wanted to dedicate it to her love and her memory.

I researched, I tested, and I was patient with my skin. I’ve been making and testing my own products since I left high school. This past summer I recently came to a breakthrough, finally finding recipes that really worked. And they are still working. It only took a summer of me using the right natural products for my skin, for it to finally treat me right. Now my skin is the best it's ever been, and is still getting better. 

I've realized that one thing that most skincare and cosmetic companies/brands make the mistake of doing is marketing the idea of “perfect skin”. 

There is no such thing, because beauty is a social construct. Perfect skin, is a spectrum. Its distinction lies within the person. Beauty is diverse, because people are diverse.

That’s why my goal will always be to market “benu skin”. Benu Cosmetics strives to help you achieve your idea of perfect skin; not the beauty industry’s. If your skin loves you, then you love your skin. And all that really matters is that you’re in love with you. 

I know how it feels to be ashamed of your skin, and how it feels to feel helpless with the issues it has. I just want to be the person, the company, that makes people fall in love with their skin, and then inevitably, themselves.

Benu Cosmetics is to “be more for the skin you’re in” 🍃✨

The name B E N U is derived from the first letter of my mother’s maiden name, and the first three of my father’s last. It is also a shortened version of my middle name, and a capital in the country of Nigeria, where my father and mother are from. BENU holds meaning, it has purpose, and because it means so much to me, I will put everything I have into the products you put faith in. I am committed to making you fall in love with your skin, one product at a time.

Indulging in BENU Cosmetics is being more for your skin. That’s really all I could ask for. 

  • Lena F on

    I have been using your products since you launched (I got the dry skin launch box) and I just now read your story. Your perspective on life is beautiful just like you— inside & out. Sending you the best! I know you’re destined for success.

  • Robin B. on

    Your story and your products are beautiful and I know your mother is beyond proud of you. I can’t with to see your business grow and thrive!

  • Liliana on

    I love how clean your websites and products look. I am excited to try your products! But I can say, I hope you come out with a nice cleanser besides the abs, because Im not sure if that will do well on my skin. I love your story and I hope you advance far and do well!

  • Jayla on

    Wow, your story is so amazing! I’m so glad you didn’t give up. I can’t wait to get my products and start loving my skin again.

  • Ezinne O on

    The story behind your line is beautiful and I’m sure your mom is so proud of you and what you’re doing, I wish you the best with your business and I hope you go far!

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